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Private Swimming Lessons


What setting do you need? 

Traditional Private Swim Lessons are designed for typically developing individuals ages 4 and up. 

Adaptive Aquatics are for students who have received a diagnosis from a professional due to differences in cognitive, mental, developmental, and/or physical abilities. 


scroll down after viewing our instructors to select which request form fits your needs. 

Teaching Setting
Ms Cassie
Ms Cassie has been with our facility for many years and loves teaching littles to be safe in, on, and around the water. She works full time at a local hospital as an OT, but still provides us some of her spare time.
Mr Gabe
Mr Gabe is a new instructor. He's been a lifeguard for the rec for about 6 months and has settled in great. He's excited to work with students who have a little bit of experience and help them build on that!
Ms Kristi
Ms Kristi is back this summer! We're so excited she chooses to come back year after year. She's a full time speech therapist who loves working with any age and any skill!
Traditional, Group
Ms Carissa
Ms Carissa is an experienced instructor and lifeguard for the rec for several years. She has been swimming since she was a child herself all the way through college. She does really well with swimmers who have a bit of experience!
Traditional, Group
Ms Monica
Ms Monica is a retired Pediatric OT from FTMC here in Norwalk. She loves working with students who move, communicate, learn and behave differently. Adaptive Aquatics is her specialty.
Ms Olivia
Ms Olivia grew up in our swim lesson program and is excited to teach others. She has beautiful strokes and enjoys working with any age and any skill.
Traditional, Group
Ms Callie
Ms Callie has been an instructor and Head Guard for the Rec for quite a few years. She loves to teach any skill level and will do so with a big smile on her face!
Traditional, Group

Traditional Private Swim Lessons

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Adaptive Aquatics

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