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AQUANASTICS: Is a non-impact workout that will improve range of motion, muscle tone and give a light cardiovascular workout.  


WATER FLEX: To help ease the joint pain, stiffness and muscle aches.  The buoyancy of the water is used to perform stretches and exercises that seem impossible on land.  No equipment used for the class just the resistance of the water.  




DEEP WATER: Full-body, zero-impact, aerobic/strengthening workout.  Classes take place in deep end of our competition pool with use of flotation devices.


WATER AEROBICS: Designed for people looking for a low-impact aerobic workout or cross-training  option.  The intensity of the workout can be altered by the speed of the movements.  This class consists of warm-up, aerobic, toning and cool-down segments.

WATER WALKING: Will increase your flexibility, improve range-of-motion and improve muscle tone with little to no impact on the joints.

Weather Related Cancelations

If Norwalk schools are on a delay or canceled due to weather, there will not be any fitness classes before 10:30 AM.

Cancelations later in the day will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Call 419-663-6775 (Option #2) for cancelation info.

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