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**Please see email for scheduling phone list**

Maple City Pickleball League

Upper Division

Week ONE (5/21-5/27)
Let’s Go vs. The Bellevu
e Boys
Team Kosher vs. Team Higgy
The Cashen’s vs. Keeping It Dill
Week TWO (5/28-6/3)
The Bellevue Boys vs. Team Kosher
Team Higgy vs. Keeping It Dill
Let’s Go! Vs. The Cashen’s
Week THREE (6/4-6/10)
Keeping It Dill vs. The Bellevue Boys
Team Higgy vs. The Cashen’s
Team Kosher vs. Let’s Go!
Week FOUR (6/11-6/17)
Team Kosher vs. Keeping It Dill
The Bellevue Boys vs. The Cashen’s
Let’s Go! vs. Team Higgy
Week FIVE (6/18-6/24)
Let’s Go! vs. Keeping It Dill
Team Kosher vs. The Cashen’s
The Bellevue Boys vs. Team Higgy


Middle Division

Week ONE (5/21-5/27)
Team Dinkers vs. Kind of a Big Dill
The Dinkasaurs vs. Team Fun
Pickle-Ballers vs. Sweet Pickles

Week TWO (5/28-6/3)
Kind of a Big Dill vs. The Dinkasaurs Team Fun vs. Sweet Pickles
Team Dinkers vs. Pickle-Ballers

Week THREE (6/4-6/10)
Sweet Pickles vs. Kind of a Big Dill
Team Fun vs. Pickle-Ballers
The Dinkasaurs vs. Team Dinkers

Week FOUR (6/11-6/17)
The Dinkasaurs vs. Sweet Pickles
Kind of a Big Dill vs. Pickle-Ballers
Team Dinkers vs. Team Fun

Week FIVE (6/18-6/24)
Team Dinkers vs. Sweet Pickles
The Dinkasaurs vs. Pickle-Ballers
Kind of a Big Dill vs. Team Fun

Lower Division

Week ONE (5/21-5/27)
The Picklebillies vs. R & S
Mikes of Norwalk vs. Team Meikle
P-Rangers vs. Sets in the City

Week TWO (5/28-6/3)
R & S vs. Mikes of Norwalk
Team Meikle vs. Sets in the City
The Picklebilles vs. P-Rangers
Week THREE (6/4-6/10)

Sets in the City vs. R & S
Team Meikle vs. P-Rangers
Mikes of Norwalk vs. The Picklebillies
Week FOUR (6/11-6/17)
Mikes of Norwalk vs. Sets in the City
R & S vs. P-Rangers
The Picklebillies vs. Team Meikle

Week FIVE (6/18-6/24)
The Picklebillies vs. Sets in the City
Mikes of Norwalk vs. P-Rangers
R & S vs. Team Meikle

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