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The Norwalk Stingrays programs are very family-involved. The environment provided is conducive to a building and learning team. We strive for FUN and "giving it your best", knowing that your results are a reflection of just that.

  • We are semi-year round, practicing together in the spring and fall and competing as a team in the summertime.

  • We are a "building team" meaning we like to let the swimmers experience swimming for fun and help them decide if they want to take it more seriously as they build into their strokes.

  • We are very family-friendly, and family-involved.

  • We welcome you to our program and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for you and your swimmer!

  • We welcome ages 6-18 years of age to participate.

Fall 2022 Club

Coming Soon...


Oct 22 & 23


Thank you for a great summer!
Summer 2022 meets and schedule will be on the receipt and within our Facebook group.


Bob Brown

Head Coach 

Coach Brown is the current head swimming coach for Vermilion High School. He holds a B.S. degree in liberal sciences from Eastern Oregon University and a M.S. degree in Soil and Land Resources from the University of Idaho. Bob is currently helping run their families large Marina business in Port Clinton.


Danielle Stanfield

Sparkle Rays Assistant Coach

Coach Danielle worked as a lifeguard previously and she and her daughter love swimming. She is proud mom to her daughter who was diagnosed with Autism at age 4. She serves on the board of APSE and works as a Job Developer. 


Ethan Schmenk

Stingrays Intermediate Coach

Coach Ethan has swam all 4 years of high school and just completed his senior year of swim by being his team's only district qualifier. He is looking forward to preparing the swimmers to excel in the high school level. He wants to work together with the swimmers to reach their goals!


Elyssa Schaffer

Stingrays Beginner Coach

Elyssa is a certified swim lesson instructor with the Rec and she's excited to help the beginners learn proper swim strokes for competition. Swimming has always been her passion and she's looking forward to helping the swimmers progress. She swam all through high school and off and on as a child. Her favorite stroke is the breast stroke. 


Mary Church

Aquatics Coordinator

Mary has served the rec full time since 2012 and enjoys teaching swim lessons and watching young swimmers gain confidence over time. See you at the pool!

started in Fall 2021...

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Norwalk Sparkle Rays were formed to offer more opportunity for those dealing with various challenges than typically developing participants. We are excited to include these swimmers as part of our team.